Cloud and network support

Cloud and network based services

There are some misconceptions about the "cloud". The first of these is that the hardware providing cloud-based services is different to those used in thousands of offices.

The truth is that the hardware is the same but it is distributed geographically by the providers and incorporates massive redundancy to ensure the safeguarding of data and services of users.

Should a business move its data and internet services to the cloud?

The answer depends crucially on the answers to these questions.

Is your internet connectivity fast and always "up"?

If not then you will struggle with downtime and slow data handling

How much shared data does your organisation want to store?

If this is a large amount then purchasing extra storage and backing up can become very costly

Do you need centralised control of data access permissions?

It is very hard though not impossible to have a complete cloud solution. But if you end up having a cloud-based server permission it will need the same maintenance and protection as one set up on site.

Microsoft Solutions Provider

Pay-by-Click management

We work with certified Microsoft™ Partners who can fully install, maintain and support the Microsoft™ range of products and services.

Certified engineers and migration specialists who can provide seamless transition from current in-house systems over to the very latest cloud-based solutions.

Hosted email services

Provision of advanced email services via the latest Hosted Exchange™ Servers brings the very latest in communication provision.

Combine this with Teams™ along with advanced spam protection, archiving facilities, email marketing, e-shots and other communication services to maximise your communication needs.