SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

SEO - Onwards and upwards

We can't promise that you will be at the top of the rankings for particular search terms but we can make sure your rankings improve over time.

The holistic approach

No one knows the complete algorithms that calculate a site rankings by a particular search engine but we know these factors are important:

  • Fully responsive site - works an all devices
  • The length of time a domain has "been around"
  • Properly labelled images
  • Metatags in place
  • No missing links or content
  • Good quality content without keyword stuffing or blatant "black hat" practices
  • Effective integration with social appropriate media

SEO - The methodology

SEO methodology

Search Engine Optimisation is a non-stop process. Setting goals. Making changes to content. Reviewing results. And repeating these steps continuously is essential for success.

We apply specialised software to ensure that websites comply with all the latest html and css standards.

Our analysis of website content includes a deep trawl of keywords, phrases and images to ensure that all work towards the improvement of search rankings.

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How long does it take to improve rankings?

Our customers see immediate improvements to their search engine rankings but for new sites it may be several months before results are significant.

We recommend a minimum of 12 months work to achieve significant higher placements in search ranking.

It is also recommended that other methods of improving ranking scores are undertaken. For example, social media linking in and third party site inward bound links - especially from sites with proven search engine status.