Website creation. What does that involve?

Website creation - the basics

Website creation involves many different disciplines. And, each individual component may be required as an add-on to an existing web presence.

The key to success is a well defined and comprehensive website creation brief.

First we meet and agree what internet presence the client desires.

This is not always obvious but most would like a website that:

  • Functions efficiently
  • Demonstrates to stake-holders that the owners know their stuff
  • Is easily found by search engines looking for the client's products and services.
  • Looks attractive and professional
  • Can be updated in a timely manner
  • Is good value for money
  • Has excellent "up-time"
  • Generates on-line sales or sales leads where appropriate
  • Integrates well with social media

How is the site design produced?

Website design

The way a site looks is very important. People use terms like "attractive", "modern", "functional" and "minimalist". Like many things what looks good now many be overtaken by what one might term "fashion".

But the way a site works. The ease of navigation. The speed at which information can be found is a different kind of design.

We at TAB Services employ talented graphic designers for the website aesthetics and our own experience combined with users' feedback to create sites that provide a great user experience.

Contact us now to initiate your new website.

What technology is used to build our websites?


We are specialists in the provision of WordPress sites.

The ease of content management is unrivalled.

And good looking WordPress websites can be up and running very quickly.

Widgets and bespoke coding complete our comprehensive WordPress services.

But sometimes your website needs are better served by one that custom coded.

Generally these will be more secure from hackers and dedicated to a particular need. Website member only areas, specialist shop portals and online publications are some examples.